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Bourbon Trail Explorer's photo of bourbon barrels on ricks inside a rickhouse.

Bourbon Trail Explorer

So, you’ve decided to tackle the World Famous Kentucky Bourbon Trail?

Great! The Bluegrass State is famous for many things including (but not limited to): baseball bats, sports cars, caves, racehorses, George Clooney and fried chicken. But my favorite (and I’m assuming yours as well) is Bourbon. As a native, I also like to think that Kentucky has some world famous hospitality as well. That’s where this site comes in. Bourbon Trail Explorer wants to give you a local perspective on some of the great things to do in the Commonwealth as well as provide some tips for things to before and after your tastings at the distilleries.

In case you need some small talk topics while traveling, we’ll provide some news and tidbits to delight your fellow travelers from the Bourbon-sphere, drink recipes, food recipes, and tourist info for Louisville and Bardstown as well. In short, your complete stop if you are heading out on the Bourbon Trail.

The Bourbon Trail

The Kentucky Bourbon Trail was started in 1999 by the Kentucky Distiller’s Association. The Official Trail includes Four Roses, Heaven Hill, Jim Beam, Maker’s Mark, Town Branch, Wild Turkey, and Woodford Reserve. Additionally, Kentucky is home to the Craft Bourbon Trail that includes:Barrel House Distillery in Lexington, Corsair Artisan Distillery in Bowling Green, Limestone Branch Distillery in Lebanon,MB Roland Distillery in Pembroke, Old Pogue Distillery in Maysville, Silver Trail Distillery in Hardin, and the Willett Distillery in Bardstown. For more info: The Kentucky Bourbon Trail Craft Tour.

We hope your stay in Kentucky is an enjoyable one and we hope to provide you with as much information as you need to make the most of your trip. Disclaimer: This site is in NO WAY sponsored by the Kentucky Distiller’s Association, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail, the Cities of Louisville or Bardstown or their respective Tourism Bureaus, or by the State of Kentucky.

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  1. Thanks – just found this. Sitting on the porch enjoying a Eagle Rare and a Four Roses. Well Done. Let me know if you ever do a live podcast. Loved the bottom shelf episode.

  2. Aloha. I live on Kauai and we have a weak bourbon selection. I saw Lexington Bourbon at the store the other day and got it. It is good enough, nothing shocking. Just wanted to get your take on it since it bears the name of your home town (right?).


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